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Hugo Tips & Tricks

Print or Share:PrintemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditHugo is a lightning-fast static site generator written in Go.  With every release, it becomes more flexible and maintains its strong core base of users.  Hugo has excellent support forums and are friendlier than most.  I was originally going to switch over to using Hugo exclusively for this site but honestly, I find it […]

Linux Swap Basics

Print or Share:PrintemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditI was recently asked about the Linux swap system, and promised a recap here on the blog.  The inquiry was regarding a newly installed Ubuntu on a dual-booting PC, which, by default, created swap space on the primary SSD.  The user realized this was a generally “bad” idea, and asked me how to […]

Postfix Auto-Reply Using Vacation

Postfix Auto-Reply Using Vacation

Print or Share:PrintemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditPostfix Auto-Reply Using Vacation If you are looking for a simple way to setup Postfix Auto-Reply using vacation on any Linux, BSD or OSX system, look no further!  This article assumes you have a working Postfix mail server up and running, as well as a basic understanding of the command line. Vacation was […]


Automating Remote Backups With Linux

Print or Share:PrintemailFacebookTwitterLinkedinStumbleUponRedditAutomating Remote Backups With Linux This brief article outlines the procedure for automating remote backups with Linux using SSH and rsync, including some basic security measures to consider when setting up a new server.  This is written for both the new admin and the seasoned professional whom may be rusty and needs a […]